Wednesday, July 23, 2008

G: I Love Lemurs

So . . . after a long day of work, I decided to be courageous and ride my bike to the library downtown . . .

I was happy to be done with work (at least for the day) and even more excited thinking about getting to sleep tonight . . . My brain and body was exhausted, but I managed to make it there without crashing into someone or something.

I found Water for Elephants on audio and then stopped and talked to S's father (who was just sitting there, you know, typing on the computer all quietly, looking all fatherly . . .)

It wasn't until my ride home that I realized I loved lemurs though. It began to get all dark and stormy and I rode past this really sweet looking car . . . But the car became even more fantastic once I realized the bumper sticker. . . Ready for this? . . . Okay, all it was, was " I heart lemurs."

I found myself smiling and totally agreeing with that statement just because its so unexpected and random. And come on, lemurs are totally bizarre!

Peace, Hope, Love-

Lil' White Shuga

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