Thursday, July 31, 2008

G: Why do people like James Dean have to die?

After work last night Abby, TT, and I went to diner at Bonsai (where we had a wonderful meal of Udon, edamame and lettuce wraps) then to the library. I need appreciate the library more . . . Everytime I go I realize just how awesome the concept of a library is!

Both Ab and I stocked up on delicious new readings (she bought Postmodern American Lit along with What is the What) and I got The Best of Friends (Sarah James and Ginger Mauney), How We Live Our Yoga (Personal Stories), and Q & A: American Art and Artists.

Our night got even better as the night went on though . . . Ab talked to friends in Egypt and Korea on Skype and I painted. At 11 we watched East of Eden, and oh my goodness! Could James Dean be any more attractive?! His performance was incredible and I think Elia Kazan is a mastermind. Every scene in that movie was straight out of a Hopper painting.

Everything about last night was fabulous- Japanese food, the library, new books, painting, James Dean, John Steinbeck, and Elia Kazan!

Oh . . . yes . . . and I look forward to Amadeaus tonight!

Have a pleasant day-

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