Saturday, September 6, 2008

S: One Of The Manymany Reasons I Love LT

Lauren sent me a birthday letter from college the other day filled with little things I love. She knows me well: a Norman Rockwell cutout of an art student, a Dave Barnes sticker, an IJM sticker, an envelope with a picture of me with a kitten and her with a man dressed like a Revolutionary War soldier, and a vintage-y Van Gogh postcard with a note from her on the back. And her envelope? Basically the raddest thing EVER! Kinda like...her. Made my day/week/month.

P.S! note that her envelope is one of those business-type envelopes TURNED INSIDE OUT! love it.

PPS! lauren, the stickers were immediately smacked onto my waterbottle. thanks to you, it's just that much cooler.

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