Tuesday, September 23, 2008

S: Seven Things

It's been a pretty rotten day. I woke up after an hour of lousy sleep to a high fever and gravely throat. School just isn't happening, and in the absence of loveliness I'll just share a list of things that ARE lovely:

  1. Jenny Lewis' new album that came out today, Acid Tongue. Its' not her best, and I'm a little confused by the vocals, but my number one girl crush DOES collaborate with my number two crush, Zooey Deschanel...and that's something to celebrate for sure.
  1. The above obsessable Get Chucked advertisement with Daisy Lowe.
  2. Black Eiffels lovelylovelylovely post on ballerinas. My inner ballerina fantasy is satisfied {and lustful}.
  3. Fir Trees. Moccasins. Mist. Mountains. People who hike the Appalachian Trail {one of my life goals}
  4. This amazing fifteen year old girls' mad photography skills
  5. Baby Mama: new favorite movie.
  6. Sufjan Stevens cover of B. Dylans' Ring Them Bells. Perfect.
That's all for today, loves. Pray I don't drown in school when I'm done with this bit of nastiness.

1 comment:

Abby said...

"Ring Them Bells" is great; Jenny Lewis' latest, not. I'd give it a C-, maybe a D. "Acid Tongue" is the only worthwhile song on the whole record. I'm quite disappointed in dear Jenny. She just needs to get back with the Watson Twins. (But Zooey is fun.)