Sunday, November 9, 2008

G: Sundays

Had to work from 11:00-5:00 today. Even though I had to work so long on a sunday, I really loved life today! The town was all sparkly and so were my customers (good weather changes everyone's attitudes for the better). Favorite things of the day:

1.) the old woman in her late 70s with her white hair and neon converses!

2.) seeing beautiful people and beautiful families

3.) hanging with some of my faves last night and into this morning

4.) falling in love with some new british student who came into the store

5.) the fact that Nevin drove almost an hour RT to see me at work before he drove 5 hours back home


6.) Mr. Dixon (a weekly NYT buyer) . . . he gave me popcorn today just b/c I am apparently "a really good person" : )


1 comment:

Abby said...

Why did you have to work so long on a Sunday? And who is Nevin and are you engaged?