Monday, November 17, 2008

G: Wish that it was still the weekend

I just realized all my pictures are the opposite of how I wanted them to be. . . Oh well, I'm lazy. . . Starting with Sunday: I got up early, went to church, worked from 12:00-3:00, went to dance (we learned to tango , and had so much fun), and then to Realife.
I look so mad here but I promise I wasn't!

Saturday: Went to yoga at 9:00, ate an early lunch of berries (my favorite part of this whole week), acid washed some jeans and t-shirts, watched some GG, went to summit to study with S, then to babysit the neighbors. S came over around 11:00 that night and we cried our way through this.

I think that part of the reason they taste so good is b/c of how beautiful they are on the outside.

My little project. . .

At least I had some fun, n'est-ce pas?! I like them, just not sure what others will think.

It is so cold now. . .

Freezing our bums off

Studying Gov and Spanish outside of Summit
Look at her! She's a hottie

So chilly but still pretty

Nell and Malcom eating pizza avec moi

Friday: Did my work, went shopping, to an art gallery, ate one delicious dinner, then to a basketball game on campus at 9:00, and to end my night I got caught in the rain (on my bike) and wound up like that. . .
Sad that the weekend had to end.

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