Tuesday, December 30, 2008

G: Lots of shots of people just walking

Oh the nature! My family and I went on a day trip to Asheville today. The weather was glorious and it was great to see the Brock family again. We left this morning early, drove two plus hours, talked up a storm, went for a long hike without any specific destination in mind, got back in the car, went to see the Hylton family, then drove three and half hours home (thanks a lot traffic!).

S just send Andrew and I an inspirational e-mail about New Yrs. goals. . . I think that spending more time outdoors is on this list for all of us this year (and it should be every year).

S and I need to work on a trip this summer too . . . Don't know where or what or when. . . Dear, let us make that another goal for this year. . . GO SOMEWHERE!

I am so looking forward to our big bash on the 1st. What I most look forward to is dressing up in my new silk dress and heels, and meeting new people. Crazy, but I don't know a half of all the people coming Thursday.

Wishing the world a HAPPY NEW YEARS!


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