Sunday, January 18, 2009

G: Thought it was going to snow today

So yes, the weather played tricks on me today and made me feel like a fool. I longed for a drastic change in the weather instead of this gloomy and gray environment. I think it actually did snow this morning, but that was only about two minutes more or less.
Work was dead b.c. no one was adventurous enough to walk around.
Yesterday, instead of going to Habitat w. S, we slept in, then went to coffee with Elisabeth. I'm thrilled she is home. Second to my own sisters, she is one of my favorite people to brag about.
After coffee, S went on a treasure hunt (?), and E and I went shopping (Goodwill first, then Northlake). I bought two pairs of shoes (flat brown lace-ups) and a pair of yoga pants at G'will and only a long gold necklace at the mall.
I'm beginning to dread this next week. . . First, S, E, M, M.C, Mom, K, and I are all going off sugar until Valentine's day, Second, I've been jealous and bitter towards every talented, beautiful, skinny, intelligent, or creative person I know or meet, and Third, School is gonna be rough and overwhelming.
P.s. I'm kinda in love w. blogothque.

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