Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Almost there

I know that I say this every year, but c'est vrai, this year has gone by way too fast. Monday morning I took my first AP exam of the year and have two more to look forward to on Thursday and Friday. All that procrastinating. . . all those early mornings. . . and all those prayers just to make it through! Simply can't believe my SUMMER starts so soon. If I end up going to Denver, as originally planned, I'll be jetting off the last week of this month (crazy!). From there it looks like a few weeks in Denver, just chilling with some awesome people, then off to India. All I have to do is make it through Friday then I can relax and officially think through my summer plans.
Other things on my mind:
  1. A comes home tomorrow then K the day after!
  2. Mom planted a garden, it looks a bit ridiculous now, but I believe in the cause.
  3. Yoga (no surprise!) is a constant inspiration
  4. Sweet potatoes are never boring
  5. I miss painting and my friends here
  6. Loving this idea of going camping 17th, 18th, & 19th
  7. I need to work. . . Just figured out that I'm working Mon, Thurs, et Friday of nxt week
  8. Nothing is new
  9. I can finally see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. . . I AM ALMOST DONE!

1 comment:

KjK said...

ok. two thoughts: want to come see dfn/ volunteer for a day while you're in denver? my mom's coming for a few days before we leave for india, and she'll be in, too. :)
two: have you ever been to a buffalo exchange? we must go. i am kidnapping you and taking you there, because you will love it.