Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bits of nothing

So here I am at Mainstreet Books, spending my time gazing out the window at the lovely sky, reading Jesus in the Lotus, and eating lots of fresh fruit. Have to work until 5:00. This day has been pretty close to perfect; early morning run, took care of someone's cats, yoga, walk to work, make money, read, then go out to dinner.

{Pics are from K, M, S, & my trip to Charleston early this week. Despite the burns, I had such a good time}

On my mind:

This interview

hard green pears {great fun}

fire trucks {ridiculous but still totally cool}

power and electricity {Davidson was in the dark for most of the night}

creative people in this world {constantly amazed by them}

1 comment:

kk said...

maybe we can go on the search for a diana or a holga while you're here. :)