Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Best way and Only way to pack is to. . .


When it comes to procrastinating, I'm the Queen Bee.

About the only thing going through my head right now is. . . can I really fit all this in my backpack?!

Packing list as of right now:
Brown Linen Pants
Harem Pants
Long Purple Skirt
Northface Pants
Berry-colored wrap
T-shirts (Blue, stripe, purple?)
Tanks (mulberry, black, orange?)
Black shorts/ coral shorts
Teva flip flops
Chacos (!)
Sunglasses & K’s NOLS band
Sm. Green well-traveled purse/bag
Sheet/ pillow case
Wash clothes & special towel (!)
Water bottle & D-hook
Foods/snax (almonds, MiX, bars, etc)
Neck Pillow
Eye Pillow (? What are these called?)
Sm. Rope
Travel Journal
Paper (& watercolor notebook?)
Pens/ markers
Pencils (sharpener, eraser, watercolor pencils, favorite brush & a bottle cap)
Books ( History of the World in 6 Glasses, The White Tiger, The Catcher in the Rye, & The Weight of Glory)
Sm. Sm. Notebook/ notecards w. rings/ calendar
Le headlamp
Pics of the family/ friends
Gifts (candles/towels/frames)
Blow-up globes
TP/ toiletries (hand sanitizer/ face, hands, etc. wipes/ poothbrush & poothtaste/ floss/ sunscrean/ soap/lotion/spray/ deodorant/ razor/shamp & condi/ mkup/ brush/ headbands/ clips/etc . . .)
Safety pins & sewing kit
Jewelry roll
Ipod & cord
CAMERAS ({recharged} batteries/cords/Mem. Cards/cleaners/cases/battery chargers/ etc)
Wallet/Coin Purse
Copies (tickets/passport)
List of names/people/links/addresses/ #s)


kk said...

re: your list

tanks and shorts- probably just bring 1. you can't wear them in india anyway, and if you wanted to layer the tanks great, but it's also going to be wicked hot. :) and shorts are only ok for bed.

chacos- LOVE them!

pillow case- maybe not necessary- just extra stuff to pack. :) up to you.

water bottle- i never bring one. we'll be using liter-ish sized plastic bottles, and we have to buy it that way anyway. there will be a water cooler at bapatla and OM, but again, you can just re-use one of the plastic ones.

blow-up globes- GREAT idea!

including this one, i've had 4 conversations about packing today!

ok, i think that's all. :) good luck making it all fit.

kk said...

oh, and eye mask? is that what you were looking for? :)

Beth said...

Oh Grace, I can hardly believe it. WE ARE GOING TO INDIA!!!! So, we have to get those backpacks packed! Mine's not packed yet either, but tomorrow - it has to happen tomorrow.

I'll be praying for the first leg of your trip. Hope you have fun in Denver and I'll see you, after China, in Hyderabad. I'm sure you'll already have lots of stories.