Saturday, May 3, 2008

S: egermency, mainly

I miss out on a lot of cultural references since I wasn't allowed to watch television as a child. Instead, I played with rocks and trees, baked bread and swung a lot (it would probably be a fair guess to say that half of my life has been spent swinging). So because we didn't watch TV, the rare movie we watched was generally burned into our memory. There's a whole list of these movies: Little Women, The Princess Bride, and any Alfred Hitchcock or Errol Flynn movie (I heart Robin Hood). I watched one of these favorite movies last night, and I realized I love it not just because of the memories, but because there IS so much to love about it:

While it might not make sense if you have the unfortunate luck to come into it during the last five minutes (as Lauren did last night), this madcap cold-war comedy really is a lot of fun. My dad's favorite part is when Alan Arkin is digging through Eva Marie Saints' purse, my mom's favorite part is when Carl Reiner and the operator are falling down the stairs, and my favorite part is probably any of the cheesy parts with John Phillip Law, from whom Errol Flynn suffered serious competition from in the crush department when I was ten.

That was before I saw pictures of him in some kind of freako movie with Jane Fonda, where he was practically naked with giant wings. Oh well.

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