Tuesday, May 6, 2008

S: sweet sandal love

There are 147, 392 things I should be doing right now. And looking at things I Can't And Won't Buy And Don't Have Time To Look At probably isn't the best idea, but if I were to do the aforementioned thing, my purchase-lust would probably be one of these:

One, Anthropologie, Two, Topshop, Three, FreePeople.

I doubt my feet would look good in any of these sandals, since these essentially broadcast the ugliest parts of feet---toes and the bottom half. And though my love for gladiators/thong sandals is great indeed, it's true that they're not exactly flattering. So if--in the hypothetical world where I actually have money--I was going to go for something not uglifying, I'd probably go back to my old standby, Burkenstocks (the pangs in my heart for my old ones are great indeed). Albeit, a slightly more dolled up version of my old ones:

When I see these, I feel like bursting into an impromptu version of Loveee, Sweet Love...but I won't. But I want to very badly. But I still won't.
Happy Wednesday, peeps. And don't be stressed, like I am right now. It's pretty ineffective at...well, anything.

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