Sunday, September 28, 2008

G: Thoughts on Thai food, babysitting, and Dunst

Sorry that you had a bad weekend S . . . Let me tell you about mine. We really don't have the time to write as often as we wish, but I just felt the urge to share my current inspirations.

My weekend was filled with surprises (but nothing to get too excited over or anything). Starting with Friday, had my AP Art class with the wonderful Mrs. Ginger Quillen. We did a drawing of a napkin (I know it sounds boring), but (Surprise #1) I actually learned a bunch AND can even admit to enjoying it. After three hours of art, another wonderful teacher, Dr. Gordon (S and my AP Literature teacher), took me out to lunch. We went to her favorite place, some quiet Thai restaurant. Never had Thai food before, (Surprise #2) liked everything but the duck curry (which I thought I'd like). Later that afternoon watched a miserable remake of The Picture of Dorian Gray. It was so bad it soon became a comedy. Even though it rained the whole day, (Surprise #3) I had a great Friday.

On to Saturday. . . Because of this current gas crisis in America, I had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. (ON A SATURDAY!) Let me explain, Lil Bro Peep as we like to call him, had a hockey game at 7:00 in the a.m., Dad had to ref the game, Mom had to work at her store, and I had a practice SAT at the Library. We have three cars . . . But . . . one was almost out of gas (and I would not have been able to find a station or get to the Library on what was left) . . . Mom needed one . . . and Dad and Sam the other . . . So that left me with one option- Get up and go to the game Before the SAT. Yuck! . . . But to my great supreeze (here comes Surprise #4) I wasn't bitter and I accomplished more than I thought I would. I finished reading The Way of the Heart, and even AP Gov hw (all before 9:00).

The SAT was long uhh . . . But (Surprise #5), I am glad (that is, now that it is over) that I did it for practice. When I got home all I wanted to do was collapse, so as I waited for S, I watched an ANTM episode (season 9, baby!). S arrived and we went summit to study. Although we like to talk, we did actually accomplish things (Surprise #6). I even finished Oedipus Rex (Couldn't help but think of this every time Oedipus was mentioned). At 6:30, I had to babysit (something I had not done in a long time, and was really not in the mood to be patient). But (Surprise #7) the kids were really good for me. I watched watched this with the 8 yr. old boys (Surprise #8) didn't know that 8 yr. olds could even watch PG-13 movies! The one thing that did inspire me was Elsa . . . Wouldn't mind looking like that . . . If I were to be in a movie, I'd want to be a dangerous character like her.
The baby and the 4 yr old were also surprisingly easy too. Had a few hours of quiet and finished reading The Crucible. (Surprise #9) Didn't know I would or could possibly finish reading three books in one day. But to my disappointment S, there were no Irish musicians, just 30 yr. old rocker types. (Surprise #10) G did not meet her future husband. Got home around 1:00 and stayed up wayyy too late.

Sunday. Slept in til 9:00. Took a shower (I wish I liked showers more . . . I do sometimes . . . but if I have to be honest the real reason I shower is for the sake of others ) : ) Walked to work (man! I love Davidson) and worked at the always pleasant MainStreet Books. Davidson is just chock-full of interesting characters! The people here are die-hard NYT readers (trust me, I am the one who sells it to them!), fashion followers, and academic worshipers. Another fact about D'son is that my little town has no ugly children. All the children here are remarkably attractive.

After work I spent a bunch of $ at CVS (another constant favorite! My Peru prints finally came in . . . Also bought blue mascara, gold eye liner, coral lip color, and the new Bazaar).

Just love everything about her looks here! The red, white, black, and blonde combo is striking.
Around 4:00 I had to get over to my Uncle and Aunt's for a party. There I found this little guy-

Bunny with cousin Emily. . . Now this amazing creature is allowed free reign in the house but chooses to spend time on the bed. I wanted a bunny again after tonight. We had one growing up and I used to carry it in my bag ( . . . well that was until my Mom caught me with a moving and breathing purse!)

Em and I doing absolutely nothing. . .

Cameras make people do stupid things.

He's such a cutie.

My Aunt's art in the hall . . . She is a wonderful motivator, always talking art with me.

Cake . . . 10 are missing from this picture, but this is just a glimpse of my hilarious extended family. Our conversations are usually limited to talk of politics, the future, food, boobs, and guns. Yup . . . that is my family for you!

Have a delicious week-


Andrew said...

a message for S:
how do you like your poem?
is it framed yet?
why am I not listed under your "sources of inspiration"?

Abby said...

BLARGH! I want that bunny and your face.