Monday, November 24, 2008

G: Ahhh. . . All betttter

That's right! I'm all better. Apparently I just like to overreact. My wallet and I were reunited! And I learned that everything always does happen for a reason. I can trust people again!
It has rained all day today. Why doesn't it just snow? It is freezing and it is a grey and gloomy out, it might as well just cover us in ice pellets.
I made a sad discovery this weekend- I could never make it as an artist. Yesterday I went to the National Portfolio day uptown. I realized that everyone is talented but me. Today just confirmed that. Went to Cannon and just like yesterday I felt both inspired and discouraged. Inspired to get better, but I still feel very discouraged. My art is nothing impressive but it does make me happy . . . at times.
After talking with Parsons, Memphis, NY School of the Arts, etc, at the Nat. Port. day yesterday I had to work uptown at the Beehive (from 12:00-5:00). I went to bed early since M, S, and I stayed up Saturday night watching the Soup, Jackass, and Never Back Down. We all fell asleep smiling.

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