Friday, November 21, 2008

G: Things just keep getting worse. . .

It is a tragic day in my life. One of my greatest fears has become a reality. Yesterday, after Ada with S, I went to the gym. I had left my purse in a locker along with several other things piled on top, thinking nothing of it. I didn't realize my beautiful black alligator wallet that Kelsey got me was gone until this afternoon. I didn't have to go anywhere until this afternoon and it was then that I came to the conclusion it was gone for good. My eyes are red and blurry and I just feel sick. I feel like I lost so much. I no longer have a license, cash, credit/debit card, library card, gift cards, photos, Peruvian coins, etc. . . it is all gone now, even Maria and Kelly's prom picture! : ) And all of the money I earned these past few weeks went with it! Of course, most of it can be replaced (except the over $150 dollars worth of cash, which was stupid to carry around to begin with. . . ).
It could all be so much worse. I just really hate to think of that someone deliberately went through all of my belongings and took it from me. (I am actually insulted they didn't like my converses, sweater, jeans, lipstick, sunglasses, and tampons!)
I learned my lesson.
I need to be more realistic- Not everyone is good!
(Photos were taken a week ago but seems to fit my mood today)

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